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"In 2019, all eyes will be on the Norman beaches for the 75th Anniversary of the Landing. Canadian, English, American, Polish, French… veterans, witnesses of the Landing, will come and take part in the commemorations in front on thousands of tourists, to pay homage to their fallen brother on the Norman Beaches on the 6th of June 1944".

In addition to the commemorations, number of festive, cultural and touristic events will be organized between April and November 2019.

Big events :

Exhibit “In their footsteps”
From April 2019, Courseulles, Bernières, Saint-Aubin, Langrune, Luc, Douvres and Reviers
Exhibit and outdoor structures on the Juno Beach Sector with a memorial and historical aim : witness accounts and biographies of soldiers and civilians who lived the Landing and the Liberation.
Archive photos, web app, contest, events…

Temporary exhibit “Great women during the war 1939-1945”
From the 1st of March 2019, Juno Beach Centre – Courseulles-sur-Mer
During the Second World War, women lived through anguish, fear, worry and grief. But never lost hope.

They contributed to the war effort. They worked, and mobilized their energy and skills to seize new opportunities and successfully filled new responsibilities, with often little recognition.

They paved the way for profound changes in society.
This exhibit pays homage to these women, Canadian or French, in recognition of their bravery and humility.

DDay Festival
From May 25th to June 14th on the DDay Landing Beaches
o Vintage day with military vehicles parade, bicycles and pushchairs from the time. Jazz concert – Douvres-la-Délivrande – 1st of June.
o Bernièraise : Over 300 sailing or rowing boats sailing together and landing in front of the Canadian House to pay homage to the soldiers – Bernières-sur-Mer – June 8th
o Bagpipes parade : over 60 bagpipes players parading – Bernières-sur-Mer – June 8th
o Fireworks fired together from Utah to Sword Beach – June 9th