Very widespread in sailing schools, the catamaran is recommended for initiation and improvement. Relatively stable, it allows easy access to good sensations of speed. The speed of the boat and the loss during maneuvers (tacking and gybing) requires the development of good steering and tuning skills. Its speed allows you to go quickly through significant distances and thus favours exploration projects and the discovery of the water body. The practice of doubling in general promotes the development of social skills, of listening, communication and collaboration. Think about … – The swimming certificate 25m diving start for under 16 years old. – The swimming certificate 50m diving start for those over 16 years old. OR A certificate of honour attesting to this ability for you and/or your children. AND A parental authorization (registration form at the reception desk) for minors. Also remember to equip yourself: -A bathing suit -A pair of shoes that can go in sea water. Loan of a wetsuit. From 8 years old.

Sanitary information

Protocole sanitaire de la FFVoile : Port du masque obligatoire à l'intérieur et recommandé jusqu'à la mise à l'eau Désinfection des équipements pratiquants. Location de combinaison à la semaine ( mise à disposition unique) Vestiaires et Wc fermés.

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Base rate : de_min 143,00€ à 155,00€
Base rate : de_min 148,00€ à 160,00€
Base rate : de_min 35,00€ à 85,00€
Base rate : de_min 60,00€ à 105,00€
Base rate : de_min 50,00€ à 120,00€
Base rate : de_min 80,00€ à 150,00€

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  • Carte bleue
  • Postal or bank cheques
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  • Eurocard - Mastercard
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