On a beautiful summer afternoon I join Estelle, a well-known figure in Normandy tourism, for a well-deserved relaxation session on the beach.

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It’s decided to go to Juno Park with Estelle for a moment of relaxation in the middle of the dunes! I take some time for myself to recharge my batteries!

After several years, in tourist office and as a guide, Estelle made the choice to marry her new training of Sophrologist and her historical knowledge to ally Wellbeing and Tourism.

She accompanies clients on our beaches in Courseulles or in the historic centre of Bayeux to teach them the art of relaxation and the famous “letting go”.

It’s 2pm, I take you along with Estelle to the west beach of Courseulles.

We start with some stretching on the warm sand, because yes, we are barefoot and the weather is superb, then we start the descent quietly towards the shore…

First of all, she makes me put my bags down, a metaphor for freeing oneself from useless tensions.

Let’s admire this multicoloured ballet of sails on the water. A real rainbow!

Sophro walk with estelle from sophro nature evasions

“Close your eyes” she whispers to me!
Plunged into the dark, the sensations invade us…

Our 5 senses are now awake! We can feel the iodine air gently caressing our faces.

Suddenly, the atmosphere of the beach becomes louder; the laughter of the children playing and bathing. All this bustle, which exudes the joy of life, helps us to immerse ourselves in a state of absolute fullness.

And then hand in hand, guided by Estelle, I immerse my feet in the water. The waves refresh us, her soft voice soothes me and even reassures me.

Our feet enjoy this relaxing bath.

Then we go back up to the top of the beach to make a creation of our choice with the materials around us. This is a good time to let our creativity run free.

Have you ever heard of “Land Art”?

This discipline is very personal and surprising. We improvise and Estelle explains to me what this work reveals about my personality.

What analysis will she make of you based on your creation? I’ll let you discover the answer yourself…

Let’s resume the walk by joining the square of the Cross of Lorraine. The place is magnificent and overlooks the sand dunes.

Sophro walk with estelle from sophro nature evasions

This time, Estelle asks me to anchor my roots in the ground.

This method of relaxation makes me feel good and should allow me to retain only one word/image resource; to which I will have to hold on each time I feel the need.

Here we are, relaxed and ready to face the world!

What a breath of fresh air and a feeling of well-being after such a walk!

What do you think? What about you? Finally ready to take some time for yourself?

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By Nathalie


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