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Exhibition "Great women during the war : 1939-1945"

An exhibition developed by the Canadian War Museum in partnership with the Juno Beach Centre.

Lest we forget

During the Second World War, women experienced anxiety, fear, worry and loss, while holding on to hope.

They contributed to the war effort by working and by drawing upon their energy and skills to seize new opportunities, and to successfully take on new responsibilities — often receiving little recognition in return.

They paved the way to profound social change.


This exhibition pays tribute to some of those women — Canadian and European alike — in recognition of their courage and many unsung contributions.

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Exposition "Grandes Femmes dans la Guerre 1939-1945"

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Entrance included in the price of the museum.

Visit only : 3€

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Juno Beach Centre
14470 Courseulles-sur-mer

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ChanThier RéVé - M. Simon

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