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Juno Beach Centre

D-Day began the Normandy Landing with the code name Operation Overlord. One hundred and fifty-six thousand allied soldiers landed in Normandy, of which 14,000 were Canadian and more than 8000 British troops, on a section of the “Juno Beach” coastline. This area extends from Graye-sur-mer to Saint-Aubin-sur-mer, between Sword Beach and Gold Beach.

The Landing remains a success and created a foothold. But, on Juno Beach, there were 1074 losses, of which 381 were killed.

The Battle of Normandy that followed the Landing lasted for ten weeks and cost the lives of 5,500 Canadians to contribute to the Liberation.

The only Canadian museum on the Landing Beaches, this interpretation centre presents the civil and military war effort of all of Canada’s population and on various fronts during the Second World War. Through its films, interactive terminals, sound archives and objects, it pays homage to the 45,000 Canadians who lost their lives during the Second World War, of which 5,500 were killed during the Battle of Normandy and 381 on D-Day.

· Chargeable service

· Guided visits with young Canadian guides

· Public children’s trail “Explore Juno” with interactive modules and a digital application on touchscreens

· ‘Great women of the 1939-1945 war’ temporary exhibition

Find out more : https://www.junobeach.org/